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Catamaran Insurance Sail & Power
Catamaran Insurance: Sail & Power

You've looked at modern catamarans for cruising, day trips, or just simple family fun, even done a test charter or two. You're ready to become, or already are, a catamaran owner.

Motor Catamaran InsuranceSailing or power catamarans give you the best of all worlds at sea: spacious comfort, redundancy, safety, stability and perhaps something that's overlooked- your increased enjoyment as you don't have to fight heeling all day. Sailing or power catamaran speed gets you there sooner or in front of oncoming weather, catamaran hulls have shallow drafts to get to those secluded spots, and the modern catamaran's low center of gravity and prudent power-to-weight ratio make lifting a hull almost unheard of.

So you've looked at all these advantages, and now it's time for insurance, or a renewal. Catamaran Insurance, with over 30 years in the marine insurance and yacht industry, knows power and sail catamarans and your needs, providing coverage for all types of catamarans in all oceans. We cover you worldwide, offshore and inshore, bareboat, pleasure, and fleet operations. Catamaran Insurance offers comprehensive policies backed by the best customer service in the industry- we work with you until the claim is paid.

Catamaran Insurance programs, available for up to $25,000,00, make power or sail catamaran ownership even more relaxed and enjoyable. Please contact us for a free quote, or with any questions. We insure catamarans from the world's top builders- see a partial list below, and our competitive pricing combined with our power and sail yachting experience, and our passion and customer service expertise make Catamaran Insurance your agency of choice.

Catamaran Insurance for Peace of Mind
Catamaran Insurance for Peace of Mind

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Please fill out the Quote Form and we will get back to you quickly, or you can call us at 800-990-9283. We are looking forward to handling all of your Marine Insurance needs.

We have listed here a sampling of only some of the catamaran builders we insure. Catamaran Insurance has coverage for all quality yachts. Contact Us with your boat information for a quote today.

340 Kingcat
Antares Yachts
Aeroplast Catamarans
African Cats
Alibi Catamarans
Alliaura Cats
Alu Marine Catamarans
AND Catamarans
Argo Catamarans
Arkona Moteur 78
Arkona Voile 130
Artemys 11C
Artemys 11S
Athena 38
Atlantic 57
Auriga Catamarans
Awcat 50
Baha Cruisers Catamarans
Bahia 46
Belize 43
Blubay 102
Cata Catamarans
Catana Catamarans
Catana 52
Catana 58
Catana 91
CDK Catamarans
Crowther Catamarans
Crowther 57
Crowther 75 Dean Cats
Defline Catamarans
Eclipse 552
Eleuthera 60
Eliminator Catamarans
Endeavour Cats
Endeavour Cat 36
Escape 38
Excite Cat
Excite Cat 1010
Exclusive 76
Farrier 44
Fastcat 395 VK
Fastcat 525
Fountaine Pajot Catamarans
Galileo 41
G-Force Catamarans
G-Force Jaz 37
Glacier Bay Cats
Helios 38 Cat
Helios 42 Cat
Innovation Cats
Island Spirit Cats
Island Spirit 401
Kereon 77
Kevlacat Catamarans
Lady Hawk 33
Lagoon 38
Lagoon 42
Lagoon 570
Lagoon 67
Lagoon Cats
Lavezzi 40
Leopard 46
Leopard 62
Lerouge Catamarans
Lyman Morse Cats
Manta Cats
Marlin Catamarans
Nautitech Cats
Nautitech 40
Nautitech 82
Noos Cat
Ocean Cruiser 65
Ocean Cruiser 98
Ocean Limbo Catamarans
Ocean Limo Catamarans
Ocean Voyage 58
Ocean Voyager 52
Ocean Voyager 65
Ocean Voyager 78
Ocean Voyager 82
Oceanic Cats
OL 35
OL 350
OL 350C
OL 400
OL 430
OL 480
OL 52
OL 520
OL 56
OL 610
Outremer Cats
Outremer 40
Outremer 60
OYA 43
PC 105
PDQ Catamarans
Pedigree Catamarans
Pedigree 65
Privilege 615
Privilege 745
Profisher 30
Prout Catamarans
Reynolds Catamarans
Robinson and Caine Cats
Sea Island Catamarans
Sea Tenareze 84
Sea Voyager 63
Sea Voyager 83
Sea Wind 1050
Sea Wind 1168
Seawind 1000
Seawind Cats
Silhouette 76
SMG Multihulls
Sophie Yachts
St. Francis Cats
Star Twins 34
SUD Composites
Sun Reef Catamarans
Sun Reef 92
Sunreef 102
Sunreef 122
Sunreef 60
SunReef 62
Sunreef 67
Sunreef 74
Sunreef 83
Switch 55
Switch 57
Tahiti 60
Taiti 75
The Moorings Catamarans
Tom Cat
Victory 35
Victory Cats
Warrick Catamarans
Yapluka 100
Yapluka 115
Yapluka 130
Yapluka 62
Yapluka 80
Yapluka 85